I always think 'about me' pages are a little weird but here goes...

I believe there is positive in every situation. I feel so grateful for so much in my life. I am married to a beautifully kind man for more then 20 years and together we have 3 kids and two puppies (even though they are three, they'll always be puppies to us).

When I'm alone driving I tend to belt out some awesome jams...I might be a little tone deaf so just chuckle and wave if you see me. I'm pretty sure I drink far more coffee then most people should and I'm a night owl (the coffee probably doesn't help).

I love to travel and have new adventures but I also believe the best part is coming back home. I have been extremely blessed that in the past 15 years my business has taken me to some pretty cool places all across the US and the Bahamas! So you see...no place is too far.

I believe I have the best job in the world. I feel alive with a camera in my hands. I love documenting and creating something that is amazing and heartfelt. It's such an honor to be invited into people's lives, photographing them at their most important milestones. 

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